Taking the time to know and understand your audience and target customers are essential steps in making your website efficient. Analyzing your traffic allows you to measure your visibility, the popularity of your brand and its attractiveness in general. Optimum Circle looks at the 4 essential tools to keep an eye on your website traffic.

To have a good SEO, it is first necessary to analyze your website traffic. You have to know your audience well, understand it. Thus, it will be possible to establish a perfectly adequate digital strategy for her. Acting according to your audience improves your visibility and sets you apart from your competition. Because tracking the website’s traffic is also useful to compare yourself to your rivals. And that’s not all ! This data also helps to find potential partners. The analysis can be quantitative or qualitative. Depending on the tool used, it is possible to combine a large amount of data with filters and various dashboards along predefined lines of study.

There are many tools available to know precisely the traffic of a site. It is a good thing but sometimes, it can be difficult to choose one. In order to do this, look for the one which provides the most data or the most reliable… Maybe also the easiest to use for you. What’s more, some are free and some are not. The fact that there are many tools does not necessarily mean that they are incompatible. Having several of them is not negligible in order to combine their functionalities and thus have a fairly complete analysis of your website traffic.

Three tools stand out : Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio. A small last has even emerged recently, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Google Analytics sheds light on your website traffic

Google Analytics is the world’s most widely used web analytics tool. Signed Google and free, its main interest is to better understand the behavior of your customers. And so you can see the number of visitors to your site or even per page, like a kind of dashboard. You can also follow their journey, the duration of their session, the most visited pages…And many other essential data.

Be aware of the behavior of your users, therefore, allows you to act accordingly, thus establishing a good marketing strategy. Thanks to that, you will be able to improve your website according to your goals. In addition, Google Analytics is easy to set up. Indeed, tracking is carried out using a tag placed on the site. It is also possible to follow specific events, such as watching videos.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another Google tool that is definitely essential for analyzing a website traffic. Free, it allows in particular to check its results on the famous search engine, the most used in France and in many countries (more than 90% of market share).

It is perfectly suited to understand a website’s audience. Indeed, one of the main features of Google Search Console is that it enables you to know the referencing and indexing of your site by Google. It also allows you to track and analyze the requests on which your pages have appeared. As well as knowing what keywords were used on the search engine to get to your website, the famous backlinks are thus listed. A good way to find out what your visitors are interested in and where they are from. It will help you to adapt your strategy to them.


Google Data studio

Google Data studio is a free tool to track and analyze your data thanks to dashboards that are as interactive as they are informative and easy to use. You can then centralize this raw data from spreadsheets, Analytics or even Google Ads. You also have the possibility to customize your dashboard. Like for example selecting different kinds of charts to make the visualization of your data more attractive for you. Moreover, an important and non-negligible point : the data is updated in real time.

In addition, this tool allows you to easily share your dashboard. In this way, your employees can access, see and modify it easily. This particularity makes this tool efficient for collaboration work. So it goes quite far and you have the option of adding as many report pages as you want.


Latest news: Google Analytics 4

On October 14, 2020, Google announced the official release of Google Analytics 4, the final evolution of Google Analytics App + Web which had been in beta for over a year.

This new version of Google Analytics is therefore more modern, intelligent and complete than its predecessor. The digital environment is constantly changing. So it makes sense that these web traffic analysis tools are too. In addition, it allows you to follow the evolution of your business and thus design actions on different devices and platforms. This Google 4 tool can provide you predictions to improve your marketing strategy, such as the potential revenue you can generate from a certain type of customer.

Besides, this tool notifies you when obvious trends in your data are observed. Truly forward-looking, this latest innovation from Google is intended to be one of the most important updates to Analytics. It should also be noted that this platform is intended to be uncompromising on the protection of privacy. A tool that can therefore be important for better understanding and therefore anticipating the needs of your customers and your business.


Improve your SEO, understand the behavior of your customers

Google Analytics 4 is not yet complete. Some important options are still missing but the development of new features is ongoing. From now to 6 months, we should have a complete product. You can then leave the old Google Analytics behind !

So here are four tools, signed by Google, as playful as they are essential to better understand and analyze your website traffic. What to improve your SEO, understand the needs of your customers. With these tools, you will then be able to achieve a better digital and marketing strategy.

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Three ideas to remember

How does analyzing your site's traffic improve its SEO?

It is imperative to know your audience well, to understand it. Acting according to your audience improves your visibility and makes you stand out. Analyzing your traffic allows you to measure your visibility and popularity. But also to compare yourself to the competition, or to find new partners. The analysis can be quantitative or qualitative.

What are Google's main tools for tracking your website traffic?

Google has put in a number of tools to track your website traffic. The best known is certainly Google Analytics, which highlights your traffic. It allows you to better understand the behavior of your customers. For its part, Google Search Console allows you to control your results on Google. Finally, Google Data Studio analyzes your data using dashboards that are as interactive as they are informative.

How does Google Analytics 4 benefit your SEO?

Google Analytics 4 is a new version of Google Analytics, more modern, intelligent, and complete. In particular, you can follow the evolution of your business and design actions on different devices and platforms. You will also have predictions to improve your marketing strategy. This tool is useful for better understanding and anticipating the needs of your customers.