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In an increasingly digitized, faster, yet more complex economic environment, our clients are seeking to enhance their competitiveness, agility, and differentiation. They need a partner to help them become visible and sustainably grow their business. We stand ready to assist them, leveraging our expertise in digital and data. Contact us now to discuss your projects ; we are here to guide you.


Optimum Circle is committed to delivering high-quality digital development. Our experience and professionalism ensure impeccable work.


Get quick and effective action. Our innovative techniques ensure exceptional referencement results, propelling our clients to the top of the page.


Prioritizing your visibility, Optimum Circle aims to become a digital reference in Normandy. Our main objective : your success and satisfaction.

Optimum Circle recognized as an innovative company.

Optimum Circle has benefited in the past from the support of the Village by CA Normandie, a program recognized as a 'startup accelerator.' This support was crucial, offering us the opportunity to tap into an extensive territorial network and valuable support during our development phase. It was also a mark of recognition for our professionalism. At that time, in line with our vision and ambitions, we had set up our base at MoHo in Caen, a unique and innovative space that housed other young entrepreneurs committed to making a difference. This modern and iconic environment, focused on the future, provided a stimulating atmosphere where everyone shared a common commitment to digital and environmental transition.


Today, things have evolved. Optimum Circle has not only changed its legal status, marking a new milestone in its existence, but has also relocated its headquarters. We are now based at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caen (CCI), continuing to evolve and grow as a company. This change in location and status reflects our ongoing development and adaptation to the new opportunities and challenges faced by our clients.

A socially responsible company

The values of our web agency place people at the center of everything. We support societal projects as part of sustainable development and charitable efforts, providing material or moral assistance to the associations that support them, particularly in the fight against hunger. This allows us to assume our responsibility and social contribution within society. The association Les Restos du Cœur is at the forefront of our concern. The company is committed to providing substantial financial support to support the fight against hunger in our society.

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