Becoming a business referral partner

Join Optimum Circle as a business referral partner to contribute to the company's success by identifying and proposing promising business opportunities. Utilize your communication and negotiation skills to achieve the agency's business objectives.

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Understanding the challenges and responsibilities of a business referral partner at Optimum Circle

The role of a business referral partner

Your new role at Optimum Circle involves identifying opportunities for the web agency by discovering new prospects and establishing lasting relationships with them. It's essential that you have a good understanding of the products or services offered by the web agency to effectively sell them. You'll also be responsible for nurturing prospects throughout the sales cycle and working closely with the sales team to ensure that opportunities are maximized. In summary, the role of a business referral partner at Optimum Circle is to play a crucial role in the company's growth by identifying new opportunities, building lasting relationships with prospects, and ensuring that the products and services offered are effectively presented.

The missions of a business referral partner

As a business referral partner at Optimum Circle, you will have several key missions to fulfill. The first of these missions is to prospect for new potential clients who may be interested in the services offered by our web agency. This may involve conducting research to identify businesses and organizations in need of digital services and building relationships with these prospects. The second mission is to identify project realization criteria for each potential client. This means understanding the needs and expectations of the client to determine how our agency can help them achieve their digital goals. Finally, you will be responsible for scheduling appointments to meet with potential clients and presenting them with an overview of the services offered by our agency. This will also involve discussing with the client any changes in their expectations and needs to develop a customized quote that meets their expectations.

What will be your compensation

At Optimum Circle, we compensate our business referral partners at a rate of 20% (after taxes) on each new contract signed with a client you have identified and established a lasting relationship with. This means that the more active you are and the more contracts you secure for our agency, the higher your compensation will be. We are confident that this compensation structure will incentivize your motivation and commitment in your role as a business referral partner, providing you with the opportunity to generate significant income for your activity with us.

What services does Optimum Circle, the web agency, offer

Optimum Circle is a web agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses develop their online presence. Our services include the creation of custom websites to meet the unique needs of each client, whether it's for showcase websites, e-commerce sites, or landing pages. In addition to website creation, we also provide quality maintenance to ensure that our clients' websites remain efficient and secure. We also offer SEO / SEA optimization services to enhance website visibility on search engines and data analysis to help businesses understand their online audience. In addition to these core services, we can also provide additional services such as logo creation to reinforce brand identity, and content writing and translation to enhance the quality and relevance of online content.

What is the required profile

To be a successful business referral partner at Optimum Circle, it's important to meet certain criteria. First and foremost, we're looking for individuals who are passionate about the web industry and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Having a good understanding of the products and services offered by our web agency is also crucial to effectively sell them. In addition to having a solid knowledge of our agency, it's important for business referral partners to be able to communicate clearly and distinctly with their prospects. Having good interpersonal skills and a genuine smile can help convey a positive image of our company and establish a good relationship with potential clients. Lastly, persuasion is a key skill in securing contracts as a business referral partner. Therefore, being able to convince potential clients of the added value our agency can bring to help them achieve their digital goals is essential.

Becoming a business referral partner for Optimum Circle

We are looking for passionate, independent individuals with excellent communication skills to join our team. If you fit this profile and are eager to embark on a new professional adventure, we're here for you. To apply for this position, simply click the button below to submit your application online, including your CV and a brief description of your professional experience. We will carefully review your application and contact you if you are selected for an interview. We look forward to receiving your application !