Natural or paid web referencing is necessary to increase the visibility and traffic of your website. Behind this major step, hide various acronyms, such as SEO, SEA, SEM and SMO. Optimum Circle returns to these different SEO techniques and their particularity. We help you see more clearly and activate your visibility levers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing in French is the optimization of the visibility of a website on search engines. The goal here is for your site to appear on the first page, where Internet users are looking for information. This therefore excludes the advertising results that will appear in the very first available links. For good natural referencing, all SEO techniques must be taken into account, such as the “title” tag, the “description” meta tag, the “h1 to h6” tags, and finally the keywords. This thus conditions the indexing and positioning of your content on search engines.


In addition, an often neglected technique of SEO and yet essential is the netlinking or the creation of backlinks. Literally “backlink” or “inbound link,” the term backlink, used for SEO, is a hyperlink within content pointing to another site. This solution can be very useful for you to optimize the natural referencing of your website in search engine results. It can also allow the user to navigate from site to site and thus discover new content.

Backlinks thus differ from internal links which refer exclusively to content on the same site. Inserting a backlink in content is a way of recommending another web page. This is a pledge of trust that Google takes into account to determine the ranking of its search engine results.

Quality for backlinks improves your web referencing!

Note that the quality and number of backlinks allow you to judge the popularity of your website with Google. However, the domain authority must be taken into account. That is, the quality of the site that points to you. Thus, government sites, organizations, influencers and companies recognized for years have a strong added value. It is better to have 10 quality links than 1000 lower quality links that have nothing to do with your area of ​​activity. Be careful, therefore, to favor quality over quantity.

To use backlinks well in your SEO strategy, there are a few tips you can take into account. This includes posting comments on other sites related to your business, creating links from forums, creating links from directories, forums or paying for writing and publishing sponsored articles.

Also called link building or external linking, netlinking is one of the techniques of an SEO strategy. Indeed, the SEO expert at Optimum Circle seeks to generate a larger number of backlinks to improve its positioning and visibility. It will also seek to improve their quality, in particular with a domain name referring in the domain in question. He doesn’t just settle for “naturally” flowing backlinks to his site from sources he doesn’t understand. The goal is therefore to influence search engines to show the popularity of the site and thus increase its natural ranking.

Note that we generally distinguish two categories of SEO. Namely, the “White” Hat SEO who respects the guidelines of search engines. And “Black Hat SEO” where only the result of its natural referencing strategy counts for its visibility. If you have all the SEO elements and strategies in place but you can’t appear in the first results on search engines (especially when you are in a highly competitive field) … SEA is there.


Search Engine Advertising or SEA concerns paid referencing. These are all actions relating to advertising displayed on search engines such as Google Ads (formerly Adwords). We sometimes talk about sponsored links, paid referencing or just Search. They mostly appear above or to the right of the natural results. The purchase of sponsored links through Adwords works on an auction system, generally in CPC (cost per click). This is to have a better chance of appearing on the results page of an Internet user who types the keyword (s) you are targeting.


Like SEO, SEA is a web marketing lever that has strengths and limitations. Indeed, one of the advantages of SEA is that it offers a greater guarantee of results … but only at a price. Indeed, when you conduct an SEO campaign, you are forced to commit a budget which can sometimes be significant. Even if it is possible to start a campaign with a few tens of euros per month, the budget can quickly increase depending on your goals. But keep in mind that the results are more visible and faster. In order for the campaigns to be optimized as well as possible, it is possible to call on our agency or one of our web marketing consultants. And social networks in all of this? The SMO is there.


SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the set of strategies and techniques that aim to improve the visibility of a site on social networks. But their scope is not always easy to understand. The weight of Youtube and Google + is more important, because they belong to Google. These last two are therefore essential in a good SMO strategy. Likewise, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. So it makes sense to see Youtube videos coming up in search results. The importance of other social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter is less, but not negligible. It can benefit you through their power to build a community, communicate with and retain it.


In addition, optimization on social networks differs from SEO or paid SEO. Indeed, in SMO, the goal is to target Internet user profiles according to sex, age or even centers of interest. This in particular through Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads. It also serves to improve your SEO through link sharing and promoting your website content. The goal is to generate interactions and sharing to reach as many people as possible.

A tedious job

One of the main advantages of SMO is that it can be activated for free as long as you spend a minimum of time. You have to be relevant and efficient. You can then see what the competition is doing. A true SMO strategy requires producing content that encourages sharing and spending time exchanging with your community. But to have a better and faster result, you need to budget for the purchase of space on social networks and to be supported by our web data agency to optimize your strategy.

And finally, SEM is the addition of SEA, SEO and SMO!


SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the set of techniques used to optimize the visibility and traffic of a website from search engines. It is in fact a term encompassing the fields of SEO, SMO and paid search. It includes all the techniques for building traffic from search engines. SEM refers to all activities that relate to marketing on search engines as well as on social networks. The intention is to increase internet contact with your brand or products in order to convert them into customers.

In addition, the SMO has not always been part of the SEM but this can have a significant impact on the positioning in search engines thanks to the creation of backlinks. A smart SEM strategy can improve the performance of your website. This requires a good command of digital tools and knowledge of the web.


Multiply your chances of success with efficient web referencing

It is not easy to choose between SEO, SMO or SEA. So doing all of these strategies can pay off. This necessarily increases your chances of success in optimizing your SEO. And this also ensures the most homogeneous traffic possible. And if, for example, a source of traffic like the paid one is less important, then it can be reinforced by the other channels. But it is much more complex and your SEO strategy must be carried out according to the opportunities and your available resources.

And in particular financial resources, because to have a quick result, it is unfortunately necessary to pay the price. When you have this possibility the SEA is undoubtedly to be preferred. If not, rather SEO which is mandatory in all cases or SMO which can be a first step to increase your visibility. And ideally, the SEM, all three strategies, which are therefore as complementary as they are useful.

To increase your visibility on the web, you can now contact our web agency specializing in data and the various visibility levers. We put you in the spotlight to develop your business at your own pace and within your budget.

Three ideas to remember

How are SEO and SEA useful to improve your SEO?

SEO is the main free technique to improve your natural referencing, to be more visible on search engines. Besides the most classic SEO techniques, netlinking or backlink creation should not be neglected. SEO is about paid search. This concerns all actions related to advertising displayed on search engines.

What is the benefit of SMO for your social networks?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is the set of strategies and techniques that improve a site’s visibility on social media. Youtube and Google +, which belong to Google, carry much more weight. The SMO can optimize your social networks and allow you to target the profile of your Internet users.

SEM: How can using all of these techniques increase your chances of SEO success?

SEM is the addition of SEO, SEO and SMO. It is also the set of techniques that can optimize the visibility and traffic of a website from search engines. Performing all of these techniques logically increases your chances of success and also ensures the most consistent traffic possible.