Do you want to be found on search engines by customers near you? Then local SEO is for you. Optimum Circle takes a look at local SEO, its benefits for your business and its different techniques.
SEO or local search engine optimization is the set of SEO techniques that aim to positively position a website, a mobile application or practical information related to a point of sale in the results pages of Google and other engines responding to a local query. This is what we have set up with Optimum Circle in Caen and more generally in Calvados. But be careful, this does not mean that you should be satisfied with being listed only in a specific geographical area. This goes hand in hand with a SEO strategy. It is necessary that your site is recognized by search engines such as Google. It must have a certain “authority”.

A precise geolocation of your company

The local referencing optimizes the position of your company in the results of the search engines when a user makes a research in a precise geographical zone (according to its geolocation in particular). You must therefore appear as high as possible according to your activity and your area. Ideally, in the first three results. For example, if you search for “web agency caen” or “webmarketing agency caen” on Google, you will quickly come across Optimum Circle. We are based near the castle of Caen. For the record, the latter was founded in 1060 by William the Conqueror, king of England and duke of Normandy.  Also, if your customers want to visit your business or store, they need to know the address, phone number, hours or have a link to your website. This is where local SEO comes in. It has become an important visibility lever for all businesses whose customers are located in a specific area.

Why implement a local SEO strategy?

It seems obvious. The Internet users who search for you on search engines can become your future customers. The geolocalization of the results proposed at the top of the page by Google is one of the main advances of search engines in recent years. This represents a real opportunity for entrepreneurs, SMEs, but also large companies with local branches. It is also a powerful visibility engine for companies with a clientele in a specific geographical area.  In addition, local SEO can improve your brand awareness, as well as help you stand out from the crowd. Besides, even without a website, you can establish a local SEO strategy. And the best way to acquire new customers is to do it when they need you. So when they are searching on Google.

Techniques for effective local SEO

Fill in your listing on Google My Business

Google My Business is a free listing service for business owners developed by Google. According to arobasenet, in 2020, 49% of businesses have a verified Google My Business listing. This allows local businesses in particular to have a quality page with their contact information, as well as information about their business. This appears in search pages when a user searches on Google. Having a Google My Business account also allows you to appear in geo-located searches of Internet users and to give them all the information they need, such as the address, phone number, type of products sold, photos (put the best quality photos possible) of the place.  So it’s important to have the most complete GMB listing possible to gain the trust of Google…and your potential customers. You should also think about updating your file regularly if some information changes. So don’t neglect this essential tool, especially since it gives you free advertising.

Geolocated content and keywords

Another useful local SEO technique is creating geo-targeted content and keywords…like on this article for example! This goes hand in hand with your classic SEO strategy. If you’ve thought about putting one in place! It is important that your content allows search engines to find your location and target geographic area. You must also make your company name, phone number and address available on your website. This on your homepage at the top and/or bottom of the page; as well as in the “contact” section. Also consider adding geo-located keywords.  But be careful not to overdo it. It should be done in a natural way. The use of geolocalized keywords on your site (in the titles or in the text) is necessary to be well referenced. This is in addition to relevant keywords to stand out from the competition. For example, with “web agency Caen” allows to show our activity, as well as our location.

Presence on local online directories

While paper directories seem almost obsolete today, online directories are becoming increasingly fashionable. The Internet is full of professional directories, with the Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor or Yelp. They are very used by Internet users who are looking for a specific place in a sector. These sites also allow them to leave reviews. This can be a good advertising or not. As with Google My Business, it is important to complete as much as possible your records on these sites. With the name of the company, the address, the phone number, the link to your site if you have one. This allows to point links to your site i.e. backlinks.

Customers reviews

Beware that the reviews of Internet users also count. This can encourage or reverse a user to visit your establishment. Naturally, when doing a search, if he does not know you, he will rely on the number of reviews and if they are positive or not. As said before, by registering on these online directories, you can have reviews on your business. Google likes to find customer reviews. This can be beneficial to you. So think about encouraging your community to leave reviews, by email or on your social networks for example. The better you are rated, the more chances you have to appear high in the search pages. This can be beneficial for your local SEO. And again, it costs nothing. But if you want it to pay off, you need to leave a good impression with searchers.

Developing a mobile site

A site must be responsive, be adapted to all types of formats. The vast majority of geolocated searches by Internet users are done on mobile. It is therefore essential to have a site compatible with mobiles. If you have one, of course. Moreover, if your site is unreadable on a mobile, you risk losing a lot of traffic and conversion opportunities. It is important to take into account that user behavior is not the same on a smartphone as on a desktop. To improve this, there is also the AMP format (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is made to accelerate the loading of web pages viewed on mobile or tablet.
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Establishing a local SEO strategy can prove to be an effective move. Especially when it is done right. It should not be taken lightly. It is your showcase on search engines. Internet users who search can become your future customers. To achieve this in the best way, you must think about filling out a listing on Google My Business, have content and geolocalized keywords or have a mobile site. If you need help setting up relevant local SEO, don’t hesitate to call on Optimum Circle!

Three ideas to remember

What is local SEO?

These are SEO techniques that aim to favorably position a website, mobile app, or practical point-of-sale information in the results pages of Google and other engines responding to a local query. This optimizes your company’s position on these same search engines.

What is the advantage of local referencing?

Making an effective local SEO strategy can inevitably benefit you. Internet users who search for you can become your new customers. It is a powerful vector of visibility for companies with a clientele in a specific geographical area. And you don’t even need a website for that.

What are the main local SEO techniques?

Local SEO is full of equally advantageous techniques. Among them, the listing on Google My Business, geolocalized content and keywords, presence on online directories, customer reviews and finally having a responsive site, adapted for mobiles, sources of most geolocalized searches.