You have created your company and want to develop it on the web? It is necessary to pass by the stage of the creation of a website. While this may seem complicated at first glance, a web agency’s solution to carry out the project from A to Z can be a real alternative. Optimum Circle takes a look at the advantages of hiring a professional.

Find your web agency

The first reflex, quite natural, when you want to create your website is to try to do it yourself because it is surely the cheapest solution. But it is not necessarily the most effective. Indeed, to make a website that perfectly respects the codes of the web so that it works well, is not given to everyone. It is not for nothing that there are many digital agencies. This also shows that there is a real need. The codes of the web are not obvious to master.

Now you need to find the right web agency. You must first do a market study, according to what each one offers in terms of services and rates, so as not to risk being ripped off. Know that they are often near you. You can find them on directories, search engines or via the social networks. For example, if you are in Normandy and you type on google “web agency Caen”, you will quickly come across many results. But make sure you know what to look for before you decide.

A web agency at your service

It is important to use a digital agency that listens to you. Indeed, the goal is to work together and make a website that looks like you. It must show what you do, what you offer. Your website must make your potential future customers want to visit you. But, it is certainly easier to work with a company near you than from a distance. It is with you that the professional of the web creation will define your needs, desires, your project. It is the best way to realize the website the most adapted to your company. This step should not be taken lightly.

Creation of your website from A to Z

After finding the right web agency for you, it’s time to get to work. But it is important to know what you want, even if the professional can guide you.

Define your project

The first step in web design is obviously to define your project. Without this, your digital agency cannot make a site that looks like you. To do this, you must already indicate your sector of activity, the type of goods or services you offer. And especially what you need. Indeed, you may simply want to redo your website, improve it or create it from scratch. The rates are not the same. You must know the reason why you want to make your site. The professional of the web creation must then realize with you an estimate, as well as define a delivery period and a schedule of conditions. With in particular the creation of a website, a showcase site, e-commerce, or simply to work your referencing, necessary to generate traffic and potentially convert it into customers.

Site type

For web design, you also need to choose the type of website you need for your business. First of all, the personal website. This is the simplest and cheapest. It is about making a classic website to show what you do. Then comes the showcase site. It can be less provided but must especially, as its name indicates it, be a true window of your company. And therefore make people want to call on you, depending on what you offer. For example, you are a carpenter and want to create a site to show your services, the type of creation you do. The web agency creates with you the most appropriate showcase site. And finally the e-commerce site. The most expensive, but it allows you to sell your products directly on it. They are more and more numerous on the internet.


Define your target

Now that you know what you need, as well as the type of site to make, you must define your target. This is an essential step in your project. It allows you to know who you are addressing. Because the digital agency creates a site for you but also for your customers. Without knowing your target audience, it is difficult to get traffic, and especially traffic that you can convert. The professional helps you to study your customers, who is your reader, what they are looking for, how they came to your website. Do not miss this step.

Domain name

The choice of the domain name also defines who you are. It is the address of the website. For example, the domain name of optimumcircle.com is Optimum Circle. If your company already has a name, it is often better to name it after your company. But be careful, it must not be already taken. If it is, some of them can sometimes be bought out. The role of the digital agency is to help you find it, to advise you as best as possible, if you do not already have one. One that will look like you, and that is also thought for the web, so that the Internet users can remember it easily and find you via search engines.

Hosting by your web agency

After having found a domain name, you must now take a hosting for your website. You don’t know which one to choose? Don’t panic, the web professional is there for you. What we call CMS (Content Management System) allow the hosting of your website. Among them, WordPress, leader of the CMS market in the world. Indeed, it hosts 40% of the sites on the web. It is therefore highly flexible and customizable, and naturally optimized for SEO. The advantage is that it is free, even if some options are paid. Therefore, many web agencies use it to create your site. It will be easier for you to continue to make it live, evolve. It also includes many plugins to make your site effective and design.

Graphic design and template

One of the main advantages of using a professional to create your website is the graphic design. Indeed, a digital agency works with a web designer who can make you a beautiful website. He is more likely to make it to your liking than you if it is not your job. The purpose of the graphic design is to create the visual of the site. This really shows you the evolution of the project.
In general, graphic mock-ups are made using Adobe Photoshop software and then added to the site. They are made after discussing with you your vision of your website. It is also necessary to choose a theme, as well as create the logo, if it has not already been done when creating your company. A CMS like WordPress offers many templates, as design as effective, such as WooThemes.

Web site developement

Now comes the development of the website. This must imperatively follow the steps previously mentioned. They are all mandatory and complementary. The web agency can develop your website entirely. It is its sector of activity, therefore its know-how. It starts with the CSS integration, for the colors, and HTML, which structures the pages. This is also where animations are created, like the drop-down menu. It is also necessary to make your web site 100% responsive. That is to say, adapted to all types of formats, and especially for mobiles. This is the expertise of the web integrator.

A complete and personalized offer for your website

A detailed data analysis

Now the website is done. But it is not always enough. It must generate traffic. This is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or natural referencing in French. It is the optimization of the visibility of a website on search engines. Without a good referencing, your website can hardly work well. But you need traffic to convert it into customers. It is the whole site that must be optimized. You have to think about the title tag, the meta description, the h1 to h6 tags, the alt attribute of images, the keywords. But all these rules are not necessarily obvious. You need to rely on a war machine. So call on a web data agency.

The SEO expert uses the data to give you a complete analysis of your site and more specifically of its traffic. This is to see if it is working, what is its audience, know the audience, or what pages generate the most traffic. Data analysis provides the best decision support and helps you reach your desired goals. It also allows you to fully dedicate yourself to the design of your solutions. The competition is tough on the web, so get help from a professional to stand out from the competition. He can guide you in the best way. Moreover, an SEO expert can also offer you a simple data analysis if you already have a site and you want to gain traffic and understand your flaws.

Web copywriting

For a site to be well optimized, the text must also be optimized. This is where web writing comes in. Indeed, writing for the Internet is very special. You have to write for your users, but also for search engines. This involves many codes and especially the search for keywords. It is not always the case, but some digital agencies can also offer to write for your site. Whether it is for the presentation texts on the home page or other web pages, or for a blog.
This helps generate web traffic, promote yourself and show your skills. Be careful, it may be a good idea to hire a professional web writer to write for you. But you can also do it yourself. To do so, you must still master the codes of writing 2.0. Quality is not enough to get traffic, but it is necessary.

Long-term follow-up: your web agency stays in touch

The web data agency has the advantage of offering you a rich and personalized experience. Moreover, it generally offers you a long-term follow-up for a few months, or even for a year with the principle of subscriptions. Prices vary according to your needs. This is a good thing to help you get started. The expert then guides you in making decisions for the months and years to come. This is useful when you are not familiar with the web world and its specificities. He creates the website but does not stop there. This follow-up is necessary because having a beautiful design site is not enough. It is also necessary to make it live.

If you are having difficulty with create your site, Whether it is from a technical or decisional point of view, using a web agency can be an alternative for you. The latter can offer you a complete and personalized offer and create your website from A to Z, from the choice of the domain name, through the template, the hosting to the development of the website. You can also do it yourself if it seems expensive. But know that it is a very good investment for a good site, design and optimized. 

If you are convinced, come and try the experience.

Three ideas to remember

How to find the right web agency?

If you choose a web agency to create your website, you must already choose it well. Know that it may be near you. Do a market study via search engines, directories or social networks. This agency must work with and for you, to make a site that looks like you.

What are the steps to create a website?

An agency can create your website from A to Z. This includes the definition of your project, the type of website, the target audience, the domain name, the hosting, the graphic design and the template and finally, the development of the website.

What are the offers of a digital agency?

A web agency offers you a complete and personalized service. With in particular, natural referencing and data analysis. As well as web writing to optimize your site. And then, a long-term follow-up of your project.