In the internet age, there are many tools to properly reference and develop your website. Among them, and not least, Youtube, the famous video platform from Google. Often overlooked in SEO strategies, the number one video hosting site is the second largest search engine in the world. Optimum Circle returns to the techniques of video referencing on Youtube.

While web marketing has become an essential strategy to develop your website, social networks are a real lever to make you known and create a community. But their impact is not always easy to understand. Google + and especially Youtube have a much greater weight because they belong to Google. In addition, other web marketing techniques, such as SEO or Internet advertising, do not always give obvious results. One of the important points to be well referenced by search engines is to know how to stand out (while respecting SEO techniques).

The creation of video content can therefore be a real asset for any company wishing to retain its community and attract the eye. In addition, the results on search engines have seen their content diversify, such as images, maps or even … videos. Even if a Youtube channel does not affect the SEO of your website, it can boost its traffic. But to increase your popularity, you have to be active, in order to generate views and get more followers.


Youtube: It's Google!

The platform created in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim and acquired in 2006 by Google for $ 1.6 billion has in 2020 around 2 billion monthly users and a few billion views each day. In France alone, we count some 46 million users each month. The impact of Youtube is therefore not to be overlooked. Also in France, more than 300 channels exceed one million subscribers. And the platform is available in 90 countries and in 80 languages. Which offers immense possibilities for a content creator on Youtube. It is therefore a good way to promote your brand. Indeed, 62% of companies have a channel to post videos. 90% of users were able to discover a new brand.

And since Youtube is owned by Google, a good optimization of the videos can place them well in the search engines, often in the first results. In addition, advertising is more and more present. It would therefore be silly to miss out on such a tool, with such visibility. But its success leads to the fact that there are more and more videos. This is where the importance of good SEO comes in. To be successful, you must first know its specifics and master SEO techniques on the video platform.

The steps for a good video SEO

If you want your videos to work on Youtube and improve your SEO and website traffic, you must first know the steps to have a good SEO video strategy. In addition, you have to do “market research”, see what works on Youtube. Your videos must therefore meet these criteria, while remaining original and entertaining for the Internet user. You must therefore understand this before organizing a suitable video SEO strategy.

Keyword research

As with traditional SEO, video optimization should start with extensive keyword research. It’s important to understand that Youtube works like any search engine. You must therefore identify the queries sought according to what interests you, your activity. The internet user must be able to find you if they do not know you. So you need to understand how the user does their research on the video platform and also take note of the keywords that appear in the best-referenced videos, which are present in the first pages. Also, it may be a good idea for you to leave comments on those same videos to let you know.


Title and file name

After targeting them, you must take into account the results of your research and insert the right keywords in your videos. They must be present in the name of the file, but also for the title of your video. Indeed, this is the first thing we see so this step should not be taken lightly. It works like a classic SEO on your website with titles and sub-titles. The title and filename should describe your content well, but also be optimized enough that the video is referenced and clearly visible. Most of the time, videos whose title contains keywords that perfectly match the ones they typed perform much better in terms of rankings. Note that on Youtube the title is limited to 100 characters, but it is preferable not to exceed 60 characters so that it is visible in its entirety in the search results.

Description - centerpiece in video SEO

Then, don’t forget to add these keywords in the description. This is an essential element. Indeed, Youtube and Google do not see your video. The description is therefore used to them to know what it is about to properly classify or name your video according to the keyword research. The user cans also understand its content before watching it or not. It must therefore be salesy enough to make him want. It should be concise and present your content well, while containing the right keywords. We advise to put between 200 and 250 words in it to properly describe your content. It should not be overloaded with keywords, 3 to 5 times is more than enough. 

In addition, you can for example add the link of your website or your social networks to make yourself better known. Please note that your descriptions must vary depending on your videos. This is because Google doesn’t like duplicate content.

Tags - a plus in your video SEO

Less important, but tags are the search terms that help people find you. You must also add some keywords to help Google and Youtube to identify your video. It also helps them categorize them well. Additionally, when someone watches a video with a similar tag, they may stumble upon your content. You can also put the name of your channel, company and keywords related to your activity.


Video length

This is essential. Indeed, it is preferable to have a video of at least 5 minutes. So a short video will not have the same treatment as a much longer one. You are not limited in length. According to your needs and desires you can go there and have fun. But the longer it lasts, the more you need to know how to capture the attention of the viewer. Most YouTubers prefer to create content longer than 10 minutes. Also, the longer it is, the more ads there can be.

Video quality

Be aware that there are a very large number of channels on the Google platform. You must therefore know how to stand out and not reproduce what you have already seen. Your channel must be original and at the same time be representative of the DNA of your business, your website. So you have to be yourself. Optimizing your video well is not enough to guarantee its success, its content must also be of quality. So you have to be creative, be original. Many companies use communication agencies, but if you feel up to it, you can give it a go. Today it is quite easy to make a video.

Engagement - a major asset in your video SEO

The success or not of your channel and your videos is essential for you to be well referenced by Google and Youtube. Indeed, these search engines take this into account to classify its videos. The more likes you have, the more likely you are to be visible. Likewise with the number of subscribers on your channel and the number of views. Youtube has so many users that your possibilities are huge and you can be seen around the world. Comments are also taken into account. Also, to gain likes and subscribers, it is best to encourage them to do so. Often this is done at the end of the video or in the description. And viewing time is also important, it indicates whether your content is of interest to the viewer.

Optimization of your channel

A knowledgeable and attractive profile sends a positive message to Youtube. This is your business card. A well-structured channel should allow you to describe your business, your content and your objectives. You have to give the urge to take an interest in and subscribe to you. In addition, you need content that is regular enough not to lose the subscriber. This influences the SEO of the channel and the videos. Besides, the numbers are there, such as the number of subscribers and views. It can attract users. The more views and subscribers you have, the more confidence it can make. As in the description you can link to your social networks and your website. In connection the miniatures must be well worked to attract the eye, to make envy.

Integration of your videos outside of Youtube

It is possible to discover your videos outside of Youtube. Indeed, to gain visibility, one way is to share them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Lots of people watch videos on Facebook and Twitter, tweets with video content are shared more often. But also integrate them on your website or in blog articles. The more they are shared, the more you have the opportunity to be visible. It is also advisable to do this through the web marketing emails you send. Also, don’t forget that adding them to forums or comments on related articles can be a good idea.


So don’t miss out on an SEO strategy on Youtube. The possibilities are great and this is a good way to attract traffic, in a more original way. Perfectly optimized channel and video content can quickly raise awareness about you, your business and brand. And that you are well referenced by Youtube and Google … the two main search engines in the world. It is therefore essential to master these video referencing techniques on the platform for this to work. So don’t waste time and adopt your SEO strategy with us. Do not hesitate to contact us now!

Three ideas to remember

How is Youtube a springboard to improve its SEO?

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. In 2020, there are more than 2 billion users worldwide and a few billion views per month. In addition, the platform is available in 90 countries and in 80 languages. It is therefore a significant way to gain visibility and make yourself known.

What is the point of good video SEO?

Since 2006, Youtube has been owned by Google. So being visible on Youtube can also help you rank better on the world’s leading search engine. Good optimization of videos can place them well in search engines, often in the first results. And advertising is more and more present there.

What are the techniques of effective video SEO?

Among the steps that must be carried out for successful video referencing, keyword research, choice of title and file name, description of the video, tags. But you also have to take into account the length and quality of the video, or the engagement on it, as well as on your channel. Optimization of the chain is therefore essential. And finally, think carefully about integrating your videos outside of Youtube.