In the age of the Internet, web marketing has become an essential strategy to develop your business. Entrepreneurs have had to adapt to this environment and these new digital marketing techniques. Among them, social networks, an essential lever to make your company known. Optimum Circle goes over the different techniques and challenges for your website.

Have you just started your business and want to make it known? The Internet is surely one of the most expansive and fastest ways to achieve this. Marketing has therefore developed its techniques in digital. More specifically, web marketing is the way to promote your business on the Internet.

There are many ways to make yourself known, with emails, videos and online or even social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The goal is therefore to make yourself known on the different platforms and thus make you your community and not just to create traffic. One of the challenges is also to build your clientele through the internet. It is also imperative to have a good referencing. And that goes hand in hand with web marketing.


All means are good to attract people to your website and in the longer term to retain them. To do this, you have to know how to attract and interest them. It is also necessary to target your audience and know how to stand out from the competition. In addition, the advantage of the Internet is that it can open you up to a much larger audience, even internationally. The more you are present, the more you will be visible.

The classic techniques of a good digital marketing strategy (webmarketing)

This discipline therefore offers quite wide possibilities and its techniques are numerous. It is therefore important not to leave any of them out. They are all effective and even more so together. You have to use all the possible fields in web marketing. The best known are, in particular, Content Marketing, natural referencing (SEO), Email Marketing, Internet advertising, conversion optimization, Social Network Marketing, etc.

Content marketing or web marketing

Produce and distribute content such as articles, white papers or newsletters. Above all, it must be of high quality and diversified. Indeed, content as rich as it is varied can attract the public more easily. Infographics are also a fun way to seduce the reader. You must choose your themes well, to please but also to stand out. It is important to publish regularly to retain and not lose your readers. It must also be linked to SEO to be visible to Google. Note that content marketing is related to Inbound Marketing, based on the creation of content aimed at attracting visitors to a site and converting them into leads.

Natural referencing (SEO)

Optimize your website to be well referenced on search engines and thus generate traffic. Writing with quality is not always enough, even if it is imperative. Whether for your different content or for the rest, your entire website must be well optimized. This to be referenced at best by Google and search engines. You have to take into account all the SEO techniques, with the “title” tag, the “description” meta tag, the “h1 to h6” tags, and finally the keywords. The natural referencing of your site is an essential factor for its indexing and its positioning. SEO and content marketing are not incompatible, so you have to know how to combine them.

Internet advertising, a webmarketing approach

Consists of a publication targeting advertising content on the web such as banner ads on third-party sites with generally non-paying content and sponsored content. You should not miss out on and ignore what an effective advertising campaign can look like. It’s a great way to catch the eye and get your business out there. Cost-per-click (CPC) ads are a type of advertising where you only pay for each click on your ad. Google Ads is the most used and effective platform for a CPC ad campaign. This can propel your page to the top of search results on Google.


Email marketing

The challenge here is to use email to promote your content, special offers or events. As on social networks, it is also a means of communication between you and your audience and to redirect them to your site. Depending on your objectives and your activity, the content of your emailing campaigns can take different forms. For example, you can send newsletters to your subscribers to notify them of your recent activity, or to contact your prospects once they have shown interest in your site. This is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques for building customer loyalty.

Conversion optimizations (CRO)

Create an experience for your website visitors that will convert them into customers. It is important to emphasize that the broadcaster is paid each time a user clicks on an advertisement. The price is thus proportional to the number of clicks generated by your advertisement. You can use this method via any site on advertising banners, but also on social networks and search engines, thanks to sponsored banners. It is necessary to properly target your keywords and especially your audience before setting this up. You have to do good market research. Also, you don’t have to bet big from the start, you have the option to test it first for less to see the reaction of the public.

Social networks as numerous as they are effective to be visible

Social networks are surely one of the most advantageous ways to create a community. The goal is to create a community, build loyalty, make you known. It is the work of a community manager who enhances the image of your brand. So you have to be present and make your community live. Networks can also be used to relay your various content and animate your community.

This also allows you to interact with it. Your subscribers will also be able to share your posts and skyrocket your visibility. So you can potentially reach a much larger audience. In addition, relaying your content is free, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. It is necessary to know how to interest them and make them stay. Also, you can identify different influencers, depending on your business. Indeed, they will be able to share your posts. And they mostly have many subscribers. In addition, each of these networks can also make it possible to make sponsored publications. But of course it pays off.

Social networks are numerous and all have their particularity. It is therefore up to you to be as present as possible. Be careful, it is important to establish a targeted strategy according to the different social networks, because the clientele will not be the same and their expectations too.


Facebook, the most important

Facebook is one of the most used in the world. You can create a professional page there and publish information about your company and various posts.

It is the preferred network for B to C advertisers. It is the number 1 network in France with more than 30 million users per month. By being active, you can gain more and more potential customers. Your posts are present on the newsfeeds of those who have liked your page. It is also necessary to make your page live and not just to leave information about your business there. In addition, Google takes into account links that a page of a website receives from Facebook. This will be beneficial for your SEO.

Twitter, the microblogging network

On Twitter, posts are shorter (280 characters). So you need to be relevant to reach people and gain retweets and likes. This is to be present on the news feeds and make yourself known. It is also useful to sometimes share content that you consider useful to be more visible, to get noticed and also to put the right hashtags, to follow trends. One of the other special features is also that you can follow people (who will sometimes follow you back). It is important to follow the right people, influencers related to your activity.

Youtube and Dailymotion, video sharing networks

Channels on Youtube and Dailymotion can also be considered for video content. And thus reach people in a more original way. Youtube is by far the most popular video sharing social network.

LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence

With LinkedIn you can grow your business. It is the most “professional” social network. It is therefore not negligible. On it, you can highlight your skills, and find customers. In addition, on LinkedIn it is possible to find many potential customers and make yourself known around you.

Above all, your profile must be as complete as possible to show who you are, your skills, your projects. Then, you need to make quality posts, in particular by finding themes that suit you, sharing your knowledge, your experiences. Because to please, your posts must have value for your readers. But this is not enough. Indeed, it is also necessary to be regular and not to be forgotten. Of course, he does not want to be over the top, but, at the beginning, two weekly posts are a minimum. And finally, it is important to be regular and to be interested in others.

This, for example, by liking and commenting on the posts of others. Or by recommending the skills of your contacts. Moreover, this will send a notification to it and thus to gain visibility. It should also be noted that this corporate social network differs from the most generalist in terms of attendance. The ideal time to post is Tuesday and Thursday, paying attention to the schedules (avoid between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.). The best times to post are between 7 and 8 a.m. and between 5 and 6 p.m. In addition, professionals can connect to each other. In the same vein, there is Viadeo, the French professional network, but less prominent than the American giant.

Webmarketing is therefore one of the most important and effective strategies. It’s simple and quick to set up and can represent endless possibilities. And social networks are a real lever to gain visibility, make you known and even generate traffic. But you will have to know how to be patient. A good digital marketing strategy can take time, but if it is well carried out, there is no reason why it should not bear fruit.

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Three ideas to remember

What are the benefits of web marketing for your business?

Web marketing is the way to make yourself and your business known on the Internet. It can also allow you to create a community and keep it alive. And thus generate traffic on your website. With the Internet and the various web marketing techniques, one of the challenges is also to build a clientele. And Webmarketing and SEO necessarily go hand in hand.

What are the main web marketing techniques?

It is essential to establish an adequate digital marketing strategy with your activity and your needs. Among the most classic and essential web marketing techniques, we find in particular content marketing or web marketing and SEO. Or advertising, email marketing, and finally, conversion optimization (CRO).

How are social networks a lever to be visible?

One of the most used web marketing techniques is certainly the development of social networks. This can be a real springboard to make yourself known. You have to be present there and bring your community to life, thus enhancing your brand. The most useful social media for this are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Linkedln.