The goal of a site is to be as visible as possible. This is the art of SEO. Calling on a specialized agency can be the solution to put an effective SEO strategy. Optimum Circle discusses the value of an SEO agency and how to choose it for you.

Natural referencing is a major step in bringing your website to life, an essential strategy for any self-respecting site. SEO is the optimization of the visibility of a website on search engines. This makes it possible to be visible by search engines and therefore by Internet users. But this is not enough. Indeed, it is necessary to transform the impressions into clicks. And to make a click, it is better to appear in the first few pages.

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SEO generates traffic which itself can be converted into customers. It is therefore important to optimize your entire website. You have to think about the title tag, the meta description, the h1 to h6 tags, the alt attribute of images, the keywords. However, all these rules are not necessarily obvious despite tools like wordpress which helps improve the visibility of a website. You still have to understand the rules of SEO and master them. You will be able to have the best tool possible, if it is misused it will be useless. SEO is above all a profession.

The vast jungle of SEO agencies

SEO is an art, SEO expert artist. And this is not for everyone. An SEO agency is there to make your website known, to make it more visible. This in particular thanks to data analysis. But you have to be careful before choosing your agency. There are more and more SEO agencies on the web market. This is mainly due to the importance of natural referencing. You have to choose the best agency for you, the one that will meet your needs. Above all, a good SEO expert should listen to you, work for and with you. The first instinct is often to choose the largest agencies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best for you. You shouldn’t choose according to the size of the agency, but according to what it offers you.

The steps before choosing your SEO agency

You must ensure the professionalism of the agency. This goes through a number of criteria:

A well-referenced SEO agency: The goal of natural referencing is to be well positioned on search engines. You can therefore check whether the SEO agency in question is itself well ranked. This is also why most Internet users choose from the first results. If she can’t rank her site well, how could she get it for you? You have to ask yourself the question before choosing. A young agency can be less well referenced but quickly climb in the rankings if it does its SEO job well.

The notoriety of the agency: The notoriety on the web of an SEO agency is a good way to test its effectiveness. One of the goals of SEO is to market your site, your business. This is a quick but important step to take. This involves checking if she is present and active on social networks, has a blog or participates in events, conferences.

Choose a credible agency

References: Generally, to prove its expertise, the SEO agency posts the (positive) opinions of some of their clients on its site. This in particular to gain credibility. So you can check some of these references to see if they are true. How? ‘Or’ What ? By visiting their websites, for example. Or by contacting them directly for feedback.

Tariffs: A good expertise has a cost. You must therefore go around the agencies to see the rates in effect. This may vary depending on the age of the agency. You can find three types of profiles, with the junior expert (less than 2 years of experience), the intermediate expert (5 years of experience) and finally, the senior expert (at least 8 years of experience) . Depending on this criterion, prices may vary. A senior expert doesn’t have to cost the same as a young SEO agency. It’s experience and expertise that pay off.

The interview: The interview, an essential step in your choice. If you choose a local agency, you have the option of going directly to its premises. Contact is essential to establish a relationship of trust between the SEO consultant and the client. In addition to the results, relationships are just as important. If this goes well, he should normally find out about you, your industry. But not only. Above all, a good consultant must listen to your expectations. He should be able to identify your needs, do an analysis of your site and areas for improvement. You can also ask for more details on certain aspects. This allows you to assess your skills. At the end of this interview, you are strongly advised to request a free quote. The interview is a good way to assess the honesty and expertise of the SEO agency.

What an SEO agency should never offer you

With this vast jungle of SEO agencies, it is very difficult to choose the right one, the most suited to your needs. But you have to realize that they should not offer you anything and everything. You already have to differentiate a good from a bad one, know what an honest SEO expert should not offer you above all:

Growing Your Traffic Too Fast: He doesn’t have to sell you the dream, promise you to rank high in the search engines right away. It’s wrong ! Good SEO doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. You need to think in the long run. It may take months before you see a real result. It all depends on the competition in your industry. The expert should help you grow and stand out. But like all good work, it takes time.

Rapidly Exploding Your Revenue: A professional SEO agency doesn’t have to promise you that your revenue is bound to explode quickly. Traffic takes a long time to come. In addition, a click can potentially be converted into a customer. But this is not an exact science. Being well referenced is already a first step. Don’t rush too much. Revenue can increase, but to be successful on the web, you have to be patient.

SEO techniques not to do

Abuse of netlinking: In addition, you have to pay attention to the referencing techniques used. For example, the abuse of netlinking (external link) should be avoided. Use it, yes, but in small doses. Any excess is bad. Netlinking can be useful but you have to know how to dose and do it well. Because Google doesn’t really like these methods. It could then sanction your website. Some agencies continue to offer this. Flee them urgently.

Black hat: Another point to absolutely avoid, the black hat. This is an unethical SEO practice that is sanctionable by search engines. The goal is to position yourself “artificially” on the first pages of results on search engines and in particular Google. Among its various techniques, you can find cloaking, buying links or even spam comments and the use of hidden content. The black hat allows you to have a very quick result, but in a very dubious, even sometimes illegal, way. Google can quickly see this. Be careful to avoid this kind of dishonest practices.

SEO is essential to make yourself known and bring your website to life. But this is not obvious. Hence the interest of a web agency. But there are more and more of them. You must therefore choose it well and know what it has to offer you. And above all, what they should never promise you. You have to take your time to find the SEO agency that will be right for you, that will know how to make you grow.

Three ideas to remember

Why is SEO important for your website?

SEO or natural referencing is useful for promoting your website and generating traffic. The latter can itself be converted into customers. The goal of SEO is to rank well on search engines, to be visible to Internet users.

What are the criteria for finding a good SEO agency?

There are many SEO agencies. You must therefore take the time to choose the right one for you. It must itself be well referenced. In addition, you must also pay attention to the reputation of the agency and the prices that are offered. Also remember to check the veracity of his references. And finally, do not neglect the interview stage.

What should an agency never offer you?

Spotting a bad agency is necessary. You need to know the bad practices to avoid. Among them, the abuse of netlinking and the black hat. In addition, a good SEO agency should not sell you dreams like those that ensure you increase your traffic too quickly and explode your turnover.