Youtube has become the essential video sharing platform on the web. And there are many tools to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the second search engine in the world, such as YouTube Analytics, Rank Tracker, VidiQ, TubeBuddy and Tubics. Optimum Circle comes back for you on these natural referencing tools on Youtube.

If you want to improve the traffic of your website, it can be useful for you to be present on social networks, and in particular to have a Youtube channel. But it is not always easy to master your Youtube SEO to be visible on the video platform. In addition, many elements are to be taken into account for a good natural referencing, including tags, keywords, views or even the optimization of its Youtube channel. If you don’t feel able to do it yourself, don’t panic, there are plenty of tools to fix it.


YouTube Analytics - data for performance

Youtube Analytics is surely the best known and most used natural referencing tool on Youtube. Above all, it allows you to monitor and control the performance of your channel and your videos in a precise way, thanks in particular to detailed statistics and reports, updated quite often. Indeed, it is necessary to monitor the performance of your videos and your channel to see if it is doing well or if it is changing. It also allows you to know what appeals to your subscribers in your content and thus act accordingly.

Its installation and use are quite simple and smooth. To do this, simply go to your Youtube Studio, select Analytics on the menu on the left. And voila. From there, many useful and interactive tabs are at your disposal, such as “Overview” to observe the most important data according to your objectives. On “Overview”, the essential information is present, with the viewing time or the number of views. By default the results of the last 28 days are presented, but you can modify it according to your needs. It shows the success or not of the chain. 

As its name suggests, the “Subscribers” tab shows you whether or not your community is engaged with curves showing their number, new ones or even those who have unsubscribed. The sections are very varied. You can find there for example “Comments”, “Shares” or “Traffic source” to find out where people are coming from. There’s also demographic data that shows who is watching your videos, as well as their geographic area.

Rank Tracker - keywords ahead

Rank Tracker is definitely the best tool for ranking on Youtube (not only, also on other search engines), as well as for keyword research. Indeed, thanks to Rank Tracker, you have the possibility of seeing a whole bunch of rankings as useful as they are numerous. You have the ability to see the data and ranking of one of your particular videos on Youtube. To do this, you must create a new project with the exact url of the video in question. Next, you have the option to add the keywords you want your video to rank for. Then you must choose Youtube as the preferred engine to get the ranking results. The different rankings related to your content are thus visible. But not only. This shows you a number of insights, like unexpected visits or keyword difficulty to PPC costs.

You also have a way to track the ranking of your entire Youtube channel. So you can easily check where you are on the YouTube SERP and how your channel’s ranking is changing, so you can act accordingly. To do this, simply click on “Preferences”, then “Preferred search engines” and add Google. This shows you if your video appears as a Google suggested video and in what position. Another advantage, this tool also reveals the ranking of your competitor, as well as yours. Rank Tracker also offers you a keyword research module, to make sure that the keywords you put in your descriptions and tags are ideal.

VidiQ - certified by YouTube (Search Engine Optimization)

VidiQ is an indispensable tool to manage and optimize your presence on Youtube. Note that this is a Chrome extension. It offers four versions; three paid versions (Vidiq Pro, Vidiq Boost, and Vidiq Enterprise) and a free basic Vidiq version. If you are reluctant to pay for this tool, the free version is more than adequate. To install it, simply go to the site, download and install the plugin. Once connected to your Youtube account, it imports all the data concerning your videos.


VidiQ then provides you with a large amount of data, via a fairly ergonomic dashboard. You will find there, for example, the number of views per hour in real time, the average viewing time, the number of likes and comments or the number of links to put in the description to optimize SEO. The paid version allows you to search for relevant tags to improve the visibility of your video. When you type the first letters of a tag, the plugin offers you tags deemed interesting and related to it. In addition, VidiQ tells you the degree of authority of these tags. You even have the option to see the tags of your competitors and their performance. The state of your entire channel is analyzed by the plugin. VidiQ also offers you to filter comments on your videos and optimize your Youtube thumbnails.

TubeBuddy - your SMO tool

In the same vein as VidiQ, TubeBuddy is advantageous in managing and optimizing your Youtube channel. It’s a free browser extension and mobile app that integrates directly with YouTube to help you manage your channel easily. This tool gives you advanced search for high performing and searchable keywords. You can then create the perfect titles and tags. With TubeBuddy’s suite of tool templates, you can speed up your video publishing times. It also helps you to follow the sharing on social networks of your content or even the statistics of your live videos. Moreover, it shows this same data for all Youtube videos. A good way to compare with the competition.

Even though it has many features in common with VidiQ, TubeBuddy has the price advantage for the pro version. Besides, it integrates with major browsers like Firefox and Safari, not just Chrome like its counterpart. But VidiQ is certified by Youtube unlike TubeBuddy.

Tubics - your visibility above all

For its part, Tubics is an Search Engine Optimization tool to increase your views and better position yourself on Youtube. It gives you video ideas from the data that helps you get views and awareness in your field. Each video idea includes competitor information, questions to cover in the video, and tag and keyword suggestions. It is mostly used by brands and SEO agencies.

By going to Tubics, if you type the url of your Youtube channel, you will then have a complete SEO analysis of it. It tracks the real-time performance of your channel. It then gives you instant recommendations for your channel setup, as well as the performance of your videos and the reaction of your audience. Like VidiQ and TubeBuddy it can suggest the most relevant keywords possible according to your needs. The advantage of Tubics is that it offers an annual subscription to enjoy it at a low cost. Thanks to With tubics, you can optimize your video titles and descriptions and create personalized YouTube thumbnails quickly.

With the A/B testing feature, you can eliminate previews from your Youtube thumbnails. You just need to choose two images to compare to get information on their performance. Tubics then recommends the most suitable one. And finally, it provides you with a step-by-step checklist to grow your channel to improve your rankings and gain views. It shows you which tasks should be prioritized.

Master the methods of natural referencing on YouTube (Search Engine Optimization)

Youtube is an effective way to develop and increase traffic to your website. It is therefore necessary to master natural referencing methods on the video sharing platform. This is where the various SEO tools come into play. Among them, Youtube Analytics offers you a complete analysis of the performance of your channel and your videos. As for Rank Tracker, it gives you all the important rankings of your videos and offers you the most relevant keywords. VidiQ and TubeBuddy are especially effective in optimizing your Youtube channel. And last but not least, Tubics. It gives you keys and tips to increase your views and better position yourself on the second search engine in the world.


With all these tools, which can be complementary, you can then have a most effective video SEO strategy. So, no more reason to be afraid of Youtube SEO. For more information, do not hesitate to contact your web data agency.

Three ideas to remember

How to improve your web traffic with Youtube?

Youtube is the essential video sharing platform and also the second largest search engine in the world. To gain traffic and visibility, social networks are a good web marketing technique. Many elements are to be taken into account for a good natural referencing, including tags, keywords, views or even the optimization of its Youtube channel.

What are the tools to improve your Youtube SEO?

First, YouTube Analytics, to accurately track and control the performance of your channel and videos. Then, Rank Tracker, for Youtube ranking and keyword research. There is also VidiQ, to manage and optimize your presence on Youtube, and TubeBuddy, in the same vein. Despite the advantages of the latter, VidiQ is certified by Youtube. And finally, Tubics, to increase your views and better position yourself on Youtube.

How do video SEO tools allow you to master natural referencing methods on YouTube?

To improve its traffic, Youtube is a good method. It is therefore necessary to master the methods of natural referencing on the platform. It is important to have a good video SEO strategy. And using all the video SEO tools will allow you to have the most effective strategy. Because these tools are complementary.