WordPress, the world’s leading CMS, has announced its next update: WordPress 5.9. Its official release is expected on December 14th. Optimum Circle is back for you on WordPress 5.9 and latest news.

WordPress 5.9: 3rd update of the year

WordPress is essential for the creation of your website. The CMS represents about 40% of the sites in the world. In fact, many web agencies use it. But its success also makes it the number 1 target for cyber attacks. It is therefore essential to protect your website well. After WordPress 5.7, released last March, and WordPress 5.8, released in July, WordPress will be rolling out its 3rd update of the year: WordPress 5.9. The official release is scheduled for December 14, according to the schedule of WordPress. Note that the beta version is expected from November 16. It’s therefore a particularly prolific year for the world leader in CMS.

wordpress 5.9

Full Site Editing: 2nd part of the Gutenberg project

WordPress 5.9 is part of Full Site Editing (FSE), already started with WordPress 5.8. The ESF is reinventing the management of its content on the internet. This is the second step of Project Gutenberg, which aims to expand access to publishing on the web. As well as simplifying this with an editorial unit where you can manage the whole site. The objective of the ESF is to be as autonomous as possible and to make the creation of its website simpler. And also to make the full version of the site accessible to all users. This way, it is no longer necessary to be an expert, nor to have a technical background.

New features to come

If WordPress 5.9 is the 3rd update of the year, it inevitably includes new features for its users. This version should focus primarily on the block system, autonomous and configurable zones. They each have a specific role. Another novelty, the navigation menus. The goal here is to simplify them and make their use easier and more fluid. You can also find the interface for theme.json, the refinement of editing flows for block themes or additional design tools. As well as a new default theme. So many features that should simplify the use of WordPress.

WordPress 5.9 is expected on December 14th. This new version is part of the ESF, part 2 of the Gutenberg project. And aims to simplify the use of the world’s first CMS. Essentially thanks to the block system. But not only. This version should contain new features that are as many as they are useful. But if WordPress is still too complex for you, you can also call on a web agency who will be able to create your website from A to Z.