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First of all, let’s take a look at white papers, the web documentation par excellence. Derived from a first institutional use, the corporate white paper is originally dedicated to a defined audience to help in the making decision process. It is written to highlight the company’s expertise by providing to the user a maximum of information. This type of documentation is common in the computer field because of the technical nature of the products and services. Thus, we commonly refer to white paper as any company web documentation that can be distributed on the Internet. It aims to inform an audience on a given topic. Initially used exclusively in a very technical BtoB environment, it is now used in all types of sectors.

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OC Teaching

One campus, four schools. The Pôle Léonard de Vinci consists of three schools in Paris-La Défense: an engineering school, a management school and a multimedia school. In addition, an Institute offers continuing education.

The schools of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci have developed a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching that encourages the decompartmentalization of courses. This allows students to work in multidisciplinary teams while progressing in their training and digital knowledge. This organization, reinforced by the presence of a multi-school incubator, is accompanied by opportunities for double degrees in entrepreneurship, finance and digital marketing.

OC Enseignement

Teacher – ESILV – Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering

The Financial Engineering major develops all the skills needed to understand and master the complexity of financial markets.

Master 2 (Financial Engineering) internship defense and full report notation.

Teacher – EMLV – Leonardo da Vinci School of Management

MSc International Finance

The MSc International Finance provides a global understanding of international financial principles. It trains students in the use of complex financial instruments. This program welcomes students from all backgrounds. It covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of international finance.

Master 2 internship defense and full report notation. Courses in Financial Analysis and Management Skills.