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Since 1996, based in the heart of Martinique, Parfums des Îles has celebrated and preserved a precious family heritage in the art of perfumery. They are passionate artisan perfumers, committed to creating luxury perfumes and cosmetics that embody the essence of tropical exoticism.


Their creations result from a rigorous selection of exceptional natural ingredients, each chosen for its purity and ability to evoke the soul of the islands. Their sophisticated and unique fragrances are designed to allure and captivate, transporting the wearer on a sensory journey through the lush landscapes of Martinique.


At Parfums des Îles, each product is handcrafted with absolute devotion to quality. Their artisanal process reflects their deep values of excellence and authenticity, ensuring that every bottle delivers not just a scent but a true story.

Need : Migration from the old PrestaShop site to Shopify

During its digital expansion, Parfums des Îles faced a crucial challenge : migrating their e-commerce platform from PrestaShop to Shopify. This ambitious project required a meticulous strategy to ensure a seamless transition without any performance loss.


Our team managed this project with a rigorous approach, ensuring that every step of the migration was precisely planned to maintain the integrity of the website’s organic search ranking. Preserving SEO was paramount, as any drop in search results could have significant consequences on traffic and, consequently, sales.


In addition to the technical migration, we redesigned Parfums des Îles’ website on the new Shopify platform. Our goal was to create an exceptional user experience, combining modern aesthetics with advanced functionalities to facilitate online navigation and shopping.

Proposed Solution : A New Design with the Shopify CMS

The new design highlights the products with elegance and modernity, using a subtle color palette and high-quality visuals that reflect the brand’s unique identity. Each page has been meticulously crafted to visually captivate the user while enhancing the commercial performance of the site.


We also optimized the site’s ergonomics to ensure intuitive navigation, from product search to purchase completion. This user-centered approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also improves the conversion rate, making online shopping both enjoyable and efficient.


With this new design, Parfums des Îles now offers an online showcase that matches the excellence of its products, thereby strengthening its brand image and appeal in the competitive luxury perfume market.


Our company also proposed an innovative solution : a custom URL matching algorithm. This advanced tool is designed to automate and optimize the correspondence between old and new URLs, ensuring a seamless transition and preservation of organic search rankings (SEO).


This approach minimizes common errors during platform migrations and ensures that internal and external links continue to function effectively, thereby preventing traffic loss and maintaining the SEO value accumulated over the years.


Thanks to our expertise, we not only succeeded in retaining the old traffic but also increased visibility and visitor volume through advanced SEO optimization techniques. The launch of the new Shopify site went smoothly, marking a decisive step in the digital transformation of Parfums des Îles.


This success demonstrates our ability to manage complex transitions and optimize our clients’ online presence, ensuring business continuity and sustained growth in the competitive digital landscape.

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« Working with Optimum Circle on the “Parfums des Îles” website has been an extremely positive experience. The team demonstrated remarkable professionalism and a deep understanding of our needs from the outset. They excelled in problem-solving with innovative solutions and maintained clear communication, making the collaboration pleasant and productive. The delivered site, which combines aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics, as well as adherence to deadlines, showcases their expertise and commitment. I highly recommend Optimum Circle for any web project. Thank you to the entire team for their exceptional work. »

Victoire Cormouls Houles – Marketing and Development Director

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