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Inphysio is an e-commerce site with a team of specialists dedicated to developing solutions for a healthy lifestyle.


They are committed to supporting their customers daily, both in their activities and during their moments of rest, by offering support and expertise. Inphysio products include :


  1. Accessories for restorative sleep
  2. Accessories for optimal sitting comfort
  3. Equipment for gymnastics and Pilates
  4. Products dedicated to overall well-being

Their mission is to select and provide solutions that effectively and safely meet your body’s needs. Through rigorous testing and close collaboration with top specialists and manufacturers, they ensure fast and hassle-free delivery of products.


They stand out with meticulous quality control of the products sold, guaranteeing the highest standards.

Need : Complementing the Ads Campaign with Advanced Organic Search Optimization

Inphysio is fully aware of the significant impact of organic search optimization (SEO) on their online presence. By optimizing their website to better align with search engine criteria, Inphysio aimed to improve their position in search results.


This initiative was crucial to stand out in a highly competitive market environment. The main objective was to drive quality traffic, increase brand awareness, and convert more visitors into regular customers.


This SEO approach included meticulous optimization of the website’s content, aligning it with user searches through the use of relevant keywords. It also aimed to refine the technical aspects of the site to comply with current standards and evolving search algorithms, thus ensuring better visibility and increased effectiveness.

Proposed Solution

Optimum Circle developed a comprehensive solution to meet Inphysio’s organic search optimization requirements, starting with an in-depth audit that revealed optimization opportunities and deficiencies on their website. This thorough examination covered technical elements, content, and user experience. Based on the audit results, Optimum Circle made precise adjustments, such as improving the site’s structure, optimizing metadata, and enriching content with strategically selected keywords.


This rigorous strategy not only enhanced Inphysio’s visibility on search engines but also enriched the user experience. As a result, it increased the conversion rate and strengthened customer loyalty, significantly contributing to Inphysio’s online success.

« It has now been over a year that I have been collaborating with Enrick and the Optimum Circle team. I am constantly impressed by their professionalism, flexibility, and ability to respond quickly to our needs. Thanks to their work, our website has significantly improved its SEO. An additional noteworthy advantage: their positive energy is truly contagious ! »

Lidia Perner – President of Laniakea Direct SAS

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