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COAPTA is dedicated to supporting companies aiming to enhance their performance and overall well-being.


Based in Swiss Romandy, our client offers a comprehensive range of services designed to strengthen the human dynamic at the heart of organizations. They are guided by the belief that human potential is always more decisive than processes or strategies.


At COAPTA, they prioritize people to transform the work environment and drive success with pragmatic interventions.

Need : Data Visualization

COAPTA engaged with the agency in a strategic initiative to boost its online visibility and attract more qualified visitors to its website. Recognizing the critical importance of organic search (SEO), we focused efforts on SEO optimization to improve their search engine rankings. This initiative aimed not only to increase brand awareness but also to drive sustainable organic growth.


To complement the effectiveness of the implemented SEO strategies, COAPTA also sought to integrate advanced data visualization and dashboard creation solutions. This approach enables the company to monitor the effectiveness of its SEO campaigns in real-time, visualize traffic trends, and analyze user behavior. By leveraging these precise insights, we can proactively adjust our strategies to maximize return on investment. Our custom dashboards offer a clear and accessible overview, facilitating strategic decision-making based on verifiable and up-to-date data.

Proposed Solution : Create Your Dashboard

To meet COAPTA’s specific needs for organic search optimization, our web agency, Optimum Circle, developed a structured and strategic solution. This approach included two initial audits, targeted implementations, and monthly monitoring. The audits revealed the site’s weaknesses and opportunities to improve its search engine rankings. Based on these findings, we made specific adjustments regarding content, technical structure, and off-page SEO strategies.


In addition to these efforts, we implemented data visualization dashboards for COAPTA, enabling the company to track the performance of its SEO strategies in real-time. These custom dashboards provide valuable insights, clearly showing traffic evolution, search engine ranking improvements, and the effectiveness of various tactics employed. Monthly monitoring ensures that the deployed strategies continue to produce optimal results, with dynamic adjustments to maximize COAPTA’s online visibility.

« The services provided by Optimum Circle are of great quality. Their availability and responsiveness are exemplary. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking high-level professional solutions ! »

Vincent Musolino – founder of Coapta

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