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Actiss Africa

Context : Collaboration for the B2B Market

In Africa, businesses face dynamic economic and operational challenges that demand increased adaptability and efficiency. Actiss Africa is a company specializing in interim management and business development.


Based in Dakar, Abidjan, and Paris, they help organizations improve operational performance and implement effective transformation strategies. Actiss Africa offers customized solutions to support businesses in their growth and adaptation to competitive African and international markets.

Need : Attracting Qualified Traffic

In 2022, Gilles Marque, CEO of Actiss Africa, along with Ambroise Baroan, contacted us with an urgent need to establish a robust digital presence. The goal was to expand their audience, enhance the company’s credibility, and develop a strong brand image across the African continent.


Although Actiss Africa was well-established in its field, it lacked online visibility, limiting its growth potential and its ability to attract new clients in competitive markets.

Proposed Solution : Website and Conversions through SEO

Initial Consultation : We first held consultation meetings with Gilles Marque to deeply understand Actiss Africa’s goals, values, and expectations.


Showcase Website Development : We developed a modern, responsive website optimized for all devices. The design was aligned with Actiss Africa’s brand identity and highlighted their expertise and services.


SEO Optimization and Content : The website content was carefully crafted and optimized for SEO to improve organic search rankings, increase visibility on search engines, and attract a targeted audience.


Digital Marketing Strategies : We integrated digital marketing strategies, including content marketing and social media, to expand the website’s reach and engage a relevant audience.


Maintenance and Traffic Analysis : After the launch, we continued to manage the site’s maintenance and regularly analyzed traffic to optimize performance and conversions.

« The new showcase website for Actiss Africa successfully captured a significant audience, thereby strengthening the company’s credibility and visibility. The enhanced online presence also helped establish a strong and respected brand image in the African market. »

Gilles Marque – Partner

Return on Investment (3 months)




8 530

Average CTR




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