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Our mission is to inspire a great love of digital marketing through WordPress course and SEO training with an emphasis on learning by doing.

Our 2020/21 WordPress course objectives

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A professional coach who guide you for your next job.

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Create a strong sense of OC community. Each week, you'll have a mentor to help you move your projects forward in one-on-one video conference sessions. All mentors are seasoned professionals with real expertise in the business you are learning.

IT Security Services

Our best solution for securing your WordPress site with an SSL/TLS certificate

Online info Services

Our best-in-class WordPress solution, with an add-on option

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formation wordpress

Your complete wordpress guide

Today, it is possible to realize many different projects with WordPress: a website, a blog, an ecommerce store, etc. You can do everything with it, even if you start from scratch.
formation wordpress

Your complete SEO guide

SEO is a specialty that lies at the heart of web marketing strategies. We aim to optimize the referencing of your website and at the same time improve your positioning on search engines.
formation wordpress

Your complete guide to Data Analysis

Data is the corollary of the digital transformation of organizations. Every day, at every moment, we all produce a significant amount of data. An interaction, a hesitation, a like, a share, a purchase... all this data is compiled, aggregated, sometimes sold and analyzed by experts. Get advice from alumni who have become Data Scientist or Data Analyst.

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